ISBN Book Barcodes

Every book requires an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). These are obtained through a designated organisation for each country. If you already have an ISBN Number/s and require the barcode images for it/them, then the images can be purchased below. If you do not have an ISBN Number, then you can find the designated organisation for your country here

ISBN Numbers can be encoded with five-digit price codes on the end of them. These codes can encode prices of up to ‘99.99’ in GBP, CFA or CAD only. These price codes will be picked up by some scanners and can make it easier for retailers to establish the recommended retail price for books. However, most scanners do not read this code at all, and it is not common practice for ISBNs to have this price code. If you wish to have a price code added for your ISBN, please indicate to us that this is what you would like, and what price and currency the price code should represent in the ‘additional information’ section when filling out your information.