Customer Testimonials


Some Feedback from our Customers:

“Thank you for sending the barcode images. This marks another step in getting my product towards the market place.” – Denise

“Thank you clearing that up. It all makes sense now. The other company is expensive, especially for a small business only needing a few barcodes. I was happy to find you as a more cost effective solution.” – Freda

“Thank you for your help, your service has been amazing.” – Jo

“Thanks for sending these through, it has been a very streamlined process.” – Alana

“Great work. We will certainly use you again.” – Joesph

“So impressed at your customer service!!! Great to have clear, concise information. Thank you” – Monzi

“This is a fantastic service, as a small business it is hard to do everything and it is really nice to know that you can request a service, namely a barcode and have it done so efficiently and speedily. I was really impressed with the same day service I got and it has helped me to keep to a rigid deadline that I thought I was not going to meet. Even when I didn’t know what to do a simple phone call with very friendly and helpful service got it sorted asap!! You guys are great! I will definitely be back!” – G.H

“Thanks for a website that works, has clear information and manages to be friendly at the same time.” – Glynn

“Thanks for your speedy response I really appreciate it.” – Adele



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